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TN Government Still Keep Off School Reopen

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the schools and colleges are not opened for the past 10 months. The TN Government has tried to open the school and colleges for many times. But the COVID-19 people getting affected count was increasing day by day so the TN government has withdrawn their plan to reopen the school (Classes 9 to 10) and colleges. Previously the TN government planned to open the school and colleges on November 16, 2020. After getting suggestions from the doctors, parents, teachers, and government officials the Government decided to keep the school (Classes 9 to 12) and colleges shot down and said that the online classes will continue. The college and universities will open for the Postgraduate final year students for science and technology streams on December 2, 2020.

As the Government of Tamil Nadu has informed earlier the college and universities are opened on December 2, 2020, for the Postgraduate final year students for science and technology streams. The hostels are also allowed to open for the students to stay and they have to strictly follow the guidelines issued by the government. The State Government and Central Government has already released all standard operating procedures to open the colleges and hostel.

Now the Tamil Nadu Government has made the announcement that the college will open for undergraduate classes for all colleges and universities including arts, science, technology, engineering, agriculture, etc on December 7, 2020. And also classes for undergraduate and postgraduate medical and para-medical courses would also open from December 7, 2020, for all students.

The colleges for the undergraduate first-year students will open on February 1, 2020. The TN Government has not made any announcement to reopen the school.

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