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12th Standard Syllabus

Tamil Nadu 12th Syllabus 2020-2021

The Directorate of Government Examination of Tamil Nadu has released the new syllabus for the TN 12th standard 2020 – 2021 academic year. To make the students education-friendly and reduce the stress for the students the government has released the new regulations for the 12th standard (+2 HSC). The TN Exam Board has reduced from 6 subjects to 5 subjects. Hereafter the TN 12th class has only 500 marks for 5 subjects. The students have to continue the same core which they have selected in the 11th standard.

There are 3 parts of subjects released for the new academic year. In the new academic year Part-I for language paper, Part-II for English paper, and Part-III for 3 core subjects for a total of 500 marks.

Part-I: Language: Tamil / Telugu / Hindi / Malayam / Gujarathi / Bengali,  etc

Part-II – English

Part-III – 3 Core Subjects

Science Stream

SNo Group CodePart-III Subjects
11001Mathematics / Physics / Chemistry
21002Physics /Chemistry / Biology
31003Mathematics / Physics / Computer Science
41004Chemistry / Biology / Home Science

Arts Stream

SNoGroup CodePart-III Subjects
11201History / Geography / Economics
21202Economics /
Commerce / Accountancy
31203Commerce / Business Mathematics & Statistics / Accountancy
41204History / Economics / Political Science
51205Advanced Tamil / History / Economics

New Regulations:

  • Part 1 – Language (Tamil or any other language), Part II (English), and Part III three core subjects are compulsory.
  • The total number of compulsory subjects is 5.
  • The total mark will be 500 (Part I – 100, Part II – 100, Part III 3 × 100 = 300).
  • The candidates should pass in all subjects.

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