Nutritional Needs For Raising Healthy Sheep

  • 2019-11-09

Below are some instructions about the proper food for your sheep. Sheep get their dietary needs from the following in no particular order:

– Silage

– Hay

– Pasture

– Grains

Hay is a good source of food to feed the Dorper sheep livestock, especially when the grass is available. This usually happens when the weather is not suitable for grazing or animal is kept in storage for a period of time.

Silage is a succulent variety of feed for sheep. It mainly consists of plant material from corn, wheat and other and stored in silos covered by plastic. High water content and a good nutritional source is needed for your sheep.

Grains used for additional nutrients in the diet plan your entire flock. Corn, soybeans and oats, sorghum and wheat are used extensively to eat grains. As a meal replacement, each type of grain has no nutritional value at the top of the chain of corn and soybeans.

Pasture is the main and principal source of food for your sheep. Have a good supply of pasture is actually sufficient to meet the needs of your sheep with respect to their nutritional needs.

All the available food source must be equipped with minerals and salts so that the flock you will have a better performance at the end of pregnancy.


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