All About Emergency Plumbing Services

  • 2019-11-06

Emergency plumbing is an issue that comes up more than most would think. It's also coming up more lately than has been the case previously. There are several reasons behind this, but the one reason that is certainly the biggest contributor is the recent changes in the way that plumbers get paid.

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A couple of generations ago, repair plumbers were generally individuals that worked for themselves with an assistant, or a trainee. "Plumbing companies" typically worked on new construction projects and huge commercial retrofits. It was soon discovered, however, that there was money to be made from service and repair plumbing, thus the first "emergency plumbing repair" company was born.

Now, early on, most of those companies paid their workers by the hour. Throughout this time, an emergency repair meant that the client was experiencing an enormous leak, was complete without water, or had all of their drains backing up and flooding their home.

The plumbers' job was to alleviate this difficulty by visiting the customer's home and doing whatever was necessary to remedy the problem. Since these plumbers were extremely busy and paid by the hour, there was no need to do anything more than tackle the immediate need.


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