Ideas to Increase The Value of Your Property Appraisal

  • 2019-10-08

The assessment report is an essential component of the majority of real estate transactions. Whether you are buying for cash, fixing the property, and refinancing or if you just buy it and finance it from the beginning you will find that most lenders will require assessment.

For borrowers who want to minimize the amount of money that must be out of your pocket and maximize the likelihood that the lender would be pleased with the report and your property fund as planned. But – not all appraisers are created equal. Some are better at their jobs than others. There are several good companies available online.

You can also find a certified los angeles appraiser via When the market shifts quickly upwards or downwards, the assessors quite complicated. So not only should you review the assessment report carefully you may even want to take an active role in the assessment by talking to the assessor and explained:

What do you know about the area (what is the price of the house has been sold and WHY – because they usually have access to comparables but may not know the house three doors down sold for less because it was filled with rabbits, cats and other animals that make the house smell more like a barn than home),

The work you do. You can do a few extra things in this area depends on the extent of the work that you do. You can include before and after pictures and you can also include invoices to show charge. You can also walk the assessor through and explain what you are doing and how that usually impact the value in the area.


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