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  • 2019-09-08

Many non-Italians identify Italian cuisine with some of the most popular dishes, such as pizza and spaghetti. People often express the opinion that Italian cuisine is the same. However, those who traveled through Italy saw differences in eating habits between cities, even those only a few miles away.

Not only does each region have its own style, but each community and each valley has a different way of cooking as well. The Olive Garden Menu tries to incorporate each of these different communities and cooking styles into the menu there in an effort to give customers there the ultimate experience in Italy.

You can also get the best olive garden prices online. Each city has a distinctive way of making sausages, cheese and special types of wine, and local types of bread.

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The variations in ubiquitous pasta are other examples of this multiplicity: soft egg noodles in the north, boiled spaghetti in the south, with every possible variation in size and shape.

Maybe no other country in the world has a style of cooking that is so fragmented into different divisions.

This is for the same reason that Italy only has one unifying Italian language, but hundreds of different dialects are spoken. Italy is a very diverse country, and cooking is just another aspect of Italian cultural diversity.

Olive Garden Menu tries to capture the quality and unique Italian style in its food and restaurant appearance so that customers can feel what it is like to eat in Italy.


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