Know More About Summer Camp For Children In Sacramento

  • 2019-09-11

When children are not at home, they like to keep things with them. This could make them more comfortable and improve their camping experience. They may want to bring a diary, a camera or even a favorite stuffed animal.

If this does not interfere with any activities in your absence, do not hesitate to let your child bring his / her items to the summer camp. You can get more information about summer camp in Sacramento via

Send care packages:

Remember that you can always send care packages. If your child has a favorite food or treat, you can be sure that sending it to them would be a special event.

Be sure to read all the policies offered by the installation to make sure that you send acceptable items. Even if you can not send homemade treats, you can include photos or a special book.

A simple letter from home is even more important than a care package. Kids love to know what you think about them and they miss you. Just a little note or a card would mean a lot.

When shopping for everything they need on the list, you can get pretty cards or stationery to remind you to write. You can also pack stamps, envelopes, and paper for your children to ensure their interest.


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