Beginners Effective Web Design

  • 2019-09-03

Most people know what a website is, most people never use a website or often visit a website every day, but what most people don't know, especially if they have just started in the field of websites, is that there is a difference between bad websites and good websites.

Good web design ideally sells and gives you lots of visitors. A bad web design will most likely get you laughed at, reject the possibility of buyers and avoid people from visiting your site often. We will quickly outline for you the basics of effective web design.

When you decide on the format of your website, you need to ask yourself: what type of website you are creating. Browse sites like  to know more about website designs.

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If this is a purely informational website, you don't need a lot of images but you will need a site that is well presented for the layout and content.

When it comes to text and fonts, you must use fonts that are easy on the eyes. Also make sure you never use black and white fonts. Difficult to read and not very attractive to your clients.

when it comes to the actual site layout, it must be inviting. Remember to never have a cluttered website.

Before you start going and choosing random images for the internet, you must remember that many images are copyrighted and cannot be used unless purchased or if you are given permission by the image owner.

High quality images that have not been made into web compatible images can dramatically increase your website's loading time.


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