All About Stain Glass Transoms

  • 2019-09-08

 Stained glass windows are such beautiful objects of art to the discerning eye. With fractals and patterns, they give off coruscations of lights with colors ranging from yellow, green, purple, red, blue, white, and whatever it is the designer has seen fit to install. However, you will first have to set the framework first. For example, there are stain glass transoms.

Then again, this application is greatly customizable. Why just settle for the standardized window decoration, never mind if you tweak it with some fancy edges and arches. Since they beautifully reflect light, you might like to set them on a high plane, such as above the door. This is where the transom comes in. Properly installed, they can really make your setting a beautiful work of art.

Where architecture is concerned, a transom is a structural bar or beam that is set above a door. And this horizontal transverse crosspiece is what will separate it from your window. The idea is not really a new one. Perhaps the most common variation of it is the mullion. The mullion, however, is vertical instead of horizontal.

When thinking about these transom windows, the picture that often comes to mind is the fanlight. That is due to the windows shape, which takes the form of a semi circle, making it look like a hand fan. This is also easier to bring about architecturally because there are no angles. However, square types also have their own charm.

Originally, transoms functioned as a means of natural ventilation. In the olden days, implements of HVAC did not exist yet. The natural mechanism was to open doors and windows to let in the draft, providing air conditioning and ventilation. However, that poses certain security risks and inconvenient predicaments, most notably with regards to privacy, for homeowners.

Transoms, however, since theyre generally located above the head level, proffer a really good means for ventilation. While its at it, it also puts a lid on any concern regarding security and privacy. Because its such in a high place, they dont give a headway for intruders, as well as critters and animals. It tends to be small, so it does not really take up much space although it importantly provides cross ventilation.

Transom stained glass windows, though, are really another league of their own. After all, theyre not just functional and utilitarian but also professedly decorative. What with the glimmers of colorful light coming out of the panes, that is not really hard to deny. No wonder why a lot of homeowners and property developers are angling to get this on their place.

Installing them is no mean feat, since it takes a lot of linchpins and support. Therefore, you might like to take it upon yourself to know what you are out for before getting some resources and materials. As said, the most common style is a semicircular arch. The second most popular is the rectangular shape. However, ask your manufacturer and installer if they can handle customized forms. You never know, they might say they can.

Consider the parts and components. The framing material can be made of wood, aluminum, fiberglass, and even vinyl. All these are down on the particularities of your structure. The company will likely have an engineer to assess this. We are talking about glass, after all. And it would be a pity if the structural support was weak. Anyway, once you have all the technicalities down pat, then its time to choose your stained glass design. Whatever it is, it will sure spruce up your room with its many fractals of color.


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