Metacognitive Therapy – A New Approach for Social Anxiety Disorder

  • 2019-08-09

One treatment that can help treat depression and other mental or emotional problems is cognitive-behavioral therapy. It guides individuals to change what they think. A related approach, called metacognitive therapy, helps individuals change their way of thinking. 

Some early but promising research shows that metacognitive therapy might be useful for people with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. Additionally, this alternative approach is used to treat anxiety, depression, and stress along with the way we think. 

Like other therapies before, the metacognitive therapist asks you to step back from certain thoughts and not understand your thinking style. Changing your thinking patterns or style can have a broad impact on how you organize your life. It can even help you get psychological tools that are flexible and useful. You can also get the expert metacognitive therapist assistance through various online sites like 

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Just like CBT, MCT is equipped with homework. There are various exercises that help us challenge our incorrect beliefs. Each is designed to challenge certain beliefs, whether positive or negative. An example is the attention training technique. This is an exercise designed to challenge the belief that "I have no control over my thoughts".

In practice, you are given a series of sounds to focus your attention. You then divert your attention between the different sounds as instructed. The idea is that you show yourself that you can control your attention, and therefore you have control over your thoughts.

In this aspect, MCT is similar to attention. Many mindfulness-based exercises make you focus on different stimuli or different areas of the body. And, in both cases, this exercise is not designed to suppress anxious or negative thoughts. Instead, you have to let the mind enter your mind but refuse to get involved with it.


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