What Is The Role of a Dental Hygienist?

  • 2019-07-30

In general, the role of dental health professionals includes helping patients prevent dental problems and also educating them about proper dental care. Dental experts will work with dentists in general practice, hospitals, and community dental services.

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The role of the dental health professional includes responsibility in clinical and health promotion. On the clinical side, they help treat and prevent gum disease by scaling tartar and polishing teeth, using antimicrobial materials and prophylaxis, they also take dental x-rays, CT scans and screening, and monitoring procedures.

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On the promotion side, they educate people about oral hygiene. Their main responsibilities include:

Treat and help prevent gum disease (advanced periodontal therapy)

Apply sealants and fluorides to prevent tooth decay

Scaling and polishing teeth

Demonstrating the technique of brushing and flossing

Take shows, radiography, and dental x-rays

Providing patches or crowns for temporary emergency replacement

Offer advice on proper dental care and diet

Another role that dental experts may need is to place and release periodontal pads and prepare clinical and laboratory diagnostic tests.

With further training, they can take care of an anesthetized patient, do teeth whitening, remove sutures, extract primary teeth using painkillers and also do pulp treatment along with applying a previously formed crown to the milk teeth.


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