Knee Replacements and Social Security

  • 2019-07-23

Knee replacement is sometimes unavoidable. However, this procedure can also mean medical expenses, which you can only expect that your Social Security can cover it.

This is also because of this reason that one must learn more about knee replacement and Social Security. If you are finding too much side effects after DePuy knee surgery then you can explore

What is Social Security?

Social security refers to a social insurance program that provides benefits or services in recognition of contributions to the insurance scheme. These services include pensions, disability insurance, benefits, and unemployment insurance.

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Patients with Knee Pain and Disability

Severe arthritis and other structural damage to the knee can strongly support Social Security disability claims. Most chronic knee pain patients claim social security in their forties and fifties.

Knee pain usually results from wear and tear after several years. Some were involved in car accidents a few years ago; some were injured when they were still high school athletes while others only used cartilage or knee bones after standing on hard concrete for years.

Damage to one or both knees can cause activity disorders such as limitations in standing, walking, bending, climbing and carrying. Non-activity disorders are also present such as pain, lack of sleep, pain medication and side effects, and obesity.


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