How Can Diabetes Affect The Feet

  • 2019-07-16

People who are suffering diabetes are most likely to get problems with their feet. This will occur because of prolonged periods of high sugar levels in the body. When that happens, wounds and scratches will not be easily treated. Worst case scenario, the foot would need to be cut of so it will not affect the other parts. When it comes with Diabetic Foot in New Jersey, individuals can visit a doctor to determine the right procedure for their problems.

Diabetes is a disease that will cause an insufficient or faulty level of insulin production or having a low sensitivity to insulin. Insulin is a hormone that has the responsibility for assisting the blood cells to absorb sugar on the blood and provide it for energy. When the process does not work correctly, the sugar will remain in the blood circulating and will cause health problems and conditions.

Overtime, diabetes will start causing nerve damage that will lead the feet to become numb. This will make a person suffering from this ailment to feel their foot or have a sense of sensation in those particular areas. They will not even feel any kind of sensation due to the numbness that they feel.

The condition will make it very difficult for an individual who have the disease to feel soreness, irritation or any kind of infection on their feet. They are some who will not even notice that they are rubbing it. Because they cannot feel sensation or feeling in that area, it will lead to the increased risk of blisters, sores and cuts.

If an individual do not receive a proper treatment with their infections, it will develop into gangrene or ulcers. When gangrene starts to appear, a patient will have to undergo amputation. This would be the treatment for infections that cannot be treated with medications or other forms of treatment.

Every person will have a different symptom when they have diabetes. This will vary from one person to another and will depend on various issues a patient is experiencing during the time. Once the symptoms start to appear, it would be best to visit a doctor right away before things get worst.

There are still ways to ensure that your foot would be saved even with diabetes. There are many medications and other treatments that can prevent amputation. But the effects of medications have no guarantees that it will be affect the gangrene. But there is no harm in trying to save your own foot.

Prevention is better than cure. Every sickness, disease or ailment can be prevented or treated right away if the symptoms and signs are identified at an early stage. If you notice something different, do not just brush it off and hope that it will be fine the next day. If the worst will come, it would be too late to save your feet or even your life.

Losing a foot because of diabetes may seem a bad idea. There are many things that a patient cannot do any longer. However, before any infection or complication even begins, it would be best to see a medical doctor regularly. Seeking medical attention immediately is the only way to save your feet or perhaps your life.


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