Benefits and Risks of the EB5 Investment Visa

  • 2019-07-10

The EB5 green card is a card that provides a permanent residence provision in the United States. This card not only helps foreign investors obtain an unrestricted residence permit but also gives the applicant's spouses or their child this opportunity.

The basic route to the EB5 green card doesn’t require a family link to obtain permanent residence. The objective of the investment visa program was to stimulate employment growth in the United States and to allow eligible foreigners to become legal residents of the country.

At present, US immigration eb 5 visa has become the largest and most important visa program in the United States. The reason for this specific request is quite obvious.

It provides the United States with a broad platform for seeking foreign investors and offering them growth opportunities. Yet, there seems perplexity for the EB5 Investor Visa program concerning access to the EB5 green card.

There are many misunderstandings about the Eb-5 investor visa program, the first thing in the list is a misconception about the risks associated with the program. It is natural for an investor to be concerned about his hard-earned investment and the risk of investing in the Immigrant Investor Program.

In reality, this investment can be halved only under certain conditions and regulations, which represents a considerable sum. But a foreign investor would not be able to get the EB5 investor visa if he does not comply with the policies of the Immigrant Immigrant Program.


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